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Friday, 5 October 2012

I love cream n gold!


I find the color combination of gold and cream very elegant and striking..what about you?
I made a card today with this color combination only. It's a simple one layer card and just has a hint of red for the sentiment which is handwritten. Actually I don't have any sentiment stamps and so I write them by hand, hence its not that perfect. The design is also made by hand again :))

The sentiment was stuck on with glue drops and I checked that it can be taken off...i just might do that coz I don't like it too much..let's see...

Just linking it to the ongoing celebration at Sindhu's here to check it out..
Hugs :)


  1. The sentiment looks good...your calligraphy is cool and you dont need a stamp! The pic is a bit blurry to see the golden grandeur though hats off to u for "freehand" drawing the beautiful design.
    PS: Try playing with the closeup/flower shot/ indoor photo options of your camera. Though I agree Gold and white are so difficult to photograph


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